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What is Behavior Training ?


Behavior training is a training about discipline with all the rules that provide leadership and structure geared towards unwanted behavioral issues within your dog such as Separation Anxiety, any types of aggression, or other behavior issues to unlearn the bad habits or desensitize the dog from issues. It requires time, patience and dedication of the owners since there is no easy fix for behavioral issues and has to be practiced continuously.  Behaviorist works closely with a dog's instincts.   


What is the different with obedience Training ?

Obedience training is a training design to teach your dog verbal and non verbal / hand signals commands with certain boundaries such as Sit, Stay, Heal on Leash, Roll Over, etc.

Char-Lyn Kennels provides behavior evaluation and training by a certified animal behaviorist.   Please contact us for further information or fees.

Knowing when and how to show your dog affection can greatly impact their behavior. 

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