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The kennel is an indoor kennel which is temperature controlled year round.   Providing central air condition , air filtering system, ceiling fans and Heating system . Each individual  kennel are set up with privacy walls, secure, safe and clean for your pets vacation with us.   We encourage a visit to our kennel with your dog prior to making reservations.  If your dog has never boarded or has anxiety issues, our behaviorist encourages visits.  If you have a new puppy, it is encouraged to speak to our behaviorist Lynda if you are thinking about boarding the puppy in the future.


As long as weather permitted, we do not have set amount of time how long the dog can be outside. Each dogs needs are different.  Each dog will go out at least four times a day which are twice in the morning and twice at night. We don't do Group play with exception upon request by the customer if they belong to the same family or to socialize the dog.  Behavior and temperament will be evaluated prior to that to find a good play mate. 

It is very important to us to give one on one attention to each dog during their stay. It is not only to build better understanding, relation and trust, but also for the well being of your dog.


We do not have extra charge to administer medication to your dogs. It is all included in our rate. Your dog well being is more important to us. If your dog take any medication or supplement, just bring along when you board your dog with us. All medication must be clearly labeled with specified instruction.


We provide Purina One as the Kennel food , and biscuits as treats. If your dog eat other kind, or on a restricted diet,  please bring along the dog food and treats in a container. Changing diet of a dog is not suggested. 

No extra charge to use kennel food or treats.


We require proof of Rabies, DHLLP or DAPP, and Bordetela Vaccine or Kennel Cough.

Please bring it along with you the copy of RABIES CERTIFICATE regardless if it is on the vet invoice when you board your dog with us. A reminder invoice is not accepted. The invoice for the other shots must have the date given/due, and the vet name/ license.

bedding and toys

We provide platform for each kennel run for the dog to lay on  ( Beds and Blankets are also available ). You can bring your own dog bed, blanket , and toys except the squeaky ones or the type of kongs that has only one hole on the side which will create a suction cup effect. 

You don't need to bring the food bowl/dish and water pail, unless it is necessary.  They are all provided in the kennel. 


We require all customer to fill out customer information cards which include contact information, specific instruction, vet, and the details about your dog. 



1 dog   $30.00 per day

2 dogs   $50.00 per day

more than 2 dogs  $25.00 per dog per day

Regardless the size, weight, and length of stay.

Charges start the day you drop off regardless if it is morning or evening drop off.

Morning pick ups will not be charged for that day, pick up during evening hours will be charged for the day. 

 Method of payment is only cash or check. We do not accept credit card.

We believe the care should not be based on the size and weight of your dog. The care for one pound or 200 pounds are the same, and owners should not be penalized for having larger breed. All the dogs have the same care and kennel size. The size of the kennel run in our facility will fit large or extra large breed comfortably. 

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